Broad River Energy Center

Broad River is a 850 MW natural gas-fired power generation facility located in Gaffney, South Carolina.

The Facility

Broad River is a 850 MW dual-fuel, simple-cycle power generation facility located in Gaffney, South Carolina that is fully committed to Duke Energy Progress under two long-term tolling agreements.

Broad River utilizes 5 GE 7FA.03 gas turbine generators for the generation of electrical power. The units can be on the grid and supplying power within 15 minutes to help serve peak and emergency loads.

The plant utilizes Once Thru Steam Generators (OTSG) in the exhaust of the gas turbines to produce steam during summer peak months which is then sent back into the gas turbine for power augmentation. This results an additional 15-20 MW per unit of power during critical peak periods.


Location: Gaffney, SC
MW: 850
Fuel: Natural Gas (Primary)
Distillate Fuel Oil (Back-up)
Technology: Simple Cycle
Commercial Operation: 2000 - Present

Environmental Stewardship

The facility utilizes natural gas, which is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, as its primary fuel source.

Technology and Environmental Performance

The gas turbines utilize the GE 2.6 DLN (Dry Low NOx) combustion systems which produce 9.0 ppm or less of NOx emissions without steam and 12.0 or less of NOx emissions with steam.

Safety Excellence Management

Broad River employees participate in a Site Safety Committee to promote workplace safety and health best practices at the Facility. The site has not had any lost time incidences since being commissioned in June 2000.


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